Over The Range Or Counter Top Microwave Ovens? Which Suits You?

Knowing what type of microwave oven you require for your kitchen is dependent on how much you intend to use it and what you are going to use it for. There are over the range or counter top microwave ovens and each has its advantages, but which one to choose really does depend on how much you are going to it whirlpool stove and oven repair pasadena

An over the range microwave is literally what it says it is attached to or over your conventional oven. This type of microwave is great if you use them to part cook some foods before popping them into your conventional oven to finish the cooking process and color the food item that is being cooked. i know several people who do there jacket potatoes this way and swear that it speeds up the cooking process rapidly. Most people who use their microwave ovens to cook with rather just reheat products seem to prefer this type of microwave oven as it makes it easy to move items that are being prepared between the two ovens. The major issue with this type of microwave oven is that if they break they can be expensive to replace or repair.

Counter top microwave ovens are by far the more popular type of microwave and the main reason for this is that they can be placed anywhere in your kitchen and moved at any time to suit your needs. These microwave ovens tend to be more versatile and are easy to replace if they break down or you are up grading your kitchen or just up grading your microwave oven. This type of microwave oven suits both people who just reheat using their microwave and people who tend to use their microwaves to prepare foods for their meals.

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