Should I Junk, Repair Or Buy New Home Appliances?

We want to make smart decision with our money. How do you stretch your dollar? How do you get the most value out of your money spent? Yes, we are barely out of a recession and of course we are still want to be very careful with how we spend our next dollar. Wait, what happens if my very important gadget/home appliances broke? Should I junk it, repair it, or buy a new one? Are they worth a repair at all?

Rule of thumb for repairs:

When the repair costs 30 per cent or less of the cost of the appliance’s original price, go for it. Of course if the item has sentimental value then go for it even if the cost is above 30 per cent if you could afford it kenmore appliance repair los angeles.

Here is looking at some home appliances when broken down, what you should do:

Cell phone:

Possible fix: Minor malfunctions with keypad or phone’s speaker are easily fixed. Check with your phone service centre for help. If the phone is under warranty, you get your phone fixed for free.

Junk: Phones are end of lives once they dropped in water or any form of liquid. Even if you dry it externally, the internal components may have got wet as corrosion set in. A replacement of the phone motherboard is necessary, and no service center offers this replacement for free, even under warranty.


Possible fix: Minor faults like small components repair are easy to fix. Like light bulb or the timer.

Junk: Fixing heating elements like thermostat, heating coils are expensive. So it is more worthy to buy a new one.

Old cars

Possible fix: Keep it as long as it is in good condition and running fine.

Junk: However if it is giving you major problems, and have been running to mechanics every so often, help yourself get a sweeter ride if buying a new one!

5-Year-Old computer

Possible fix: If you are a light user, you use your computer for surfing the web, word editing or printing of documents, a 5 year old computer may just need a minor software or hardware upgrade.

Junk: If you are a heavy user, like using your computer for multimedia processing or gaming, consider replace your computer with higher speed processors for better multimedia quality.


Possible fix: Repairs are normally worth it if your refrigerator is a high-end one.

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