Washer Won’t Start, What Should I Check?

The wall outlet:
If the washer won’t start, check it in all the cycles. If still not starting, check the wall outlet for 120 volts ac.If the voltage is good, then the problem must be in the washer. If the voltage is no good, check for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker on the electrical box or it could be a problem in the wall outlet itself.

If the problem is bigger than a simple blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker, call a license electrician to take care of it.

The timer push pull switch:
The timer push/pull switch is inside of the timer washer repair altadena, this switch is the main switch in the washer. If this switch is not closing when it supposed to, the washer is not going to start. You will need to check your wiring schematic to see which contacts to check.If the timer push/pull is defective, you will need to replace the complete timer assembly.

The cord:
The cord is your link to the electricity in the house. If one of the wires or terminals in the cord are broken, the cord won’t be able to do its job. Loose connections to the wall outlet will eventually damage the cord connecting plug and that could be the cause why your washer is not starting.

The motor:
The motor is the hart of the washer. The motor should start easy and run smooth. If your motor growls, hums or have a hard time starting, it is a good chance that it will overheat and stop working in the middle of the cycle.

Most repairs in a washer are easy to do once you have and idea on what part or parts you will need to check. Also it helps knowing how to check the parts to be sure they are good or bad before replacing them.

Replacing parts by using the guessing method could be expensive and frustrating. There are many websites that have very good information on how to do the repairs if you want to do it yourself.

If you must call a repairman, ask questions and ask for an estimate on the repair. This way you know if you should fix it or replace it.

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